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Choose the DMI hitch
that best meets your needs!

Quic‘n Easy' Receiver hitch

The original DMI heavy duty tow system was the first proximity hitch on the market. It remains one of the most innovative designs in the world, and is the ultimate in towing systems for the recreational user.

The ‘ Quic'n Easy' is the ideal tow package…

  • Heavy Duty Tube Style Receiver
  • SAE Rated Category IV Receiver Hitch
  • Improved load distribution means your vehicle remains level and more stable

Cush‘n Combo' Receiver hitch

Developed to address the needs of the work truck. The added security of a 1” solid steel Drawbar along with guide surfaces designed for a heavier workout gives the SAE rated Category V Cush'n Combo an extra margin of capacity for moving heavier loads.

  • Works with any coupler type - Clevis, Pintle Hook, Ball
  • Up to 2,000 lb tongue weight capacity
  • Up to 14,000 lbs of towing capacity
  • Exclusive Tow Cushion System - Reduced Load Shifts
  • Great for Livestock or other “Fragile” Cargo
  • Improved Stability, Reduces Driver Fatigue
  • Less Frame Fatigue and Lower Maintenance Costs

Quic-Cush'n II Towing System

The newest DMI heavy duty premier towing system os the largest most versitile hitch yet. This SAE rated category V hitch is so durable, that you will wear out three trucks before the UTP-DMI system wears out.

  • Incorporates all the great features of the Cush 'n Combo hitch
  • Available with white, silver or chrome drop-center face channel
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