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Ball Mounts

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Blue Ox Tow Bars
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Ascent™ Motor Home Mounted Tow Bar for 2 Inch Receivers

The Ascent tow bar is the lightest tow bar in the Blue Ox line at only 31 lbs! The newly improved design takes a little from Avail™ (non-binding latch mechanisms) tow bar and the Aladdin™ (aluminum body) and created this featherlite ALL-aluminum tow bar. Its direct-connect, fold-away design will be a proven favorite among towing enthusiasts.


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Base Plate Search

Blue Ox Base Plates and Brackets

Blue Ox base plates are easy on your suspension and even easier on the eye, because they are designed with hidden reinforcements. Vehicle specific baseplate is integrated into the individual bumper design of the towed vehicle. Selected Blue Ox base plates have removable tabs that further enhance the aesthetics. When you aren't towing, just remove the tabs to make your base plate virtually invisible to the casual observer.

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Custom Fit Towed Vehicle Wiring

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The industry's best direct plug-in electrical hook-up for your towed vehicle. No splicing. No mistakes. Custom fit harness plugs directly into OEM wiring system of the towed vehicle. Isolates the towed vehicle's electrical system from the motor home while powering the tail lights and turn signals.
Towing Accessories
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Patriot 3 Braking System

The Patriot 3 Brake System from Blue Ox gives you the comfort needed when you are braking your tow vehicle. Not only is it convenient and easy to store, but it also proportionally applies the brakes smoothly while you're slowing down to a stop, instead of suddenly jolting your tow vehicle causing costly damage to your brakes. The Patriot 3 even works with Hybrids! The Blue Ox Patriot 3 braking system comes with a two year warranty.

The Patriot 3 works for your motor home and tow car by safely bringing it to a smooth stop with proportional braking.

No More Wires
Monitor all brake functions or manually apply brakes from the comfort of the driver's seat through a wireless remote control that continuously communicates with the braking system.

No More Power Concerns
Built-in super capacitor battery ensures power is always available to the brake.

No More Mess
By using an electric cylinder there are no air pumps, storage tanks or hoses - therefore, no chance for leaking and greatly reduces power required.


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Mud Flaps
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Splash Stop Protective Brush

Rust free aluminum housing with polypropylene brushes mounts to 2 inch ball mount. Adjustable width - 66, 73 or 80 inches.


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